SpringDale Summit

Thank you to our 509 community members who invested their time in our community by attending the Summit at SpringDale recently, or completed our Community Priority Survey.

Thanks to VicRoads staff for updating the community with regard to the Drysdale Bypass and High Street upgrade. Thanks to the City of Greater Geelong staff for being present to discuss the City of Greater Geelong 30 year Visioning project, Grant Langmaid for representing Victoria Police, Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DELWP), for providing a great deal of information about fishing in the area and some great show bags. Public Transport Victoria for providing Bus Timetables, Bellarine Aged Care Association for proving representatives to speak to our community and provide a great deal of information, Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association, Committee for Bellarine and Bike Safe for the roles they played throughout the Summit

We have entered the data and have started the analysis to help us progress projects and ideas for the future. We will continue to upload information to our website and continue to encourage people to sign up for email notifications at maximum of two per month, typically just one at

Holding these Summits is a goal of our current Strategic Plan and it is a method for ensuring any advocacy we perform is in line with our community goals and dreams.

Anne Brackley Coordinator SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre

PS we even managed to sneak in a little science fiction!