Coordinator’s News – July

It is so important to enjoy what you are doing. Having the right mindset to enable you to enjoy your time, your tasks and the people around you is so important to finding satisfaction and being able to enjoy your life.

Have you ever been so absorbed by an activity that time just flies by and you achieve what you set out to do? Luckily this happens to me all the time. But it doesn’t happen by accident. I make a decision to enjoy what I am doing. I try to find the part of the job I am about to start that is going to allow me to look back on it and know it is done and hopefully it is done to the best of my ability.

Over the years I have written about my motto, “Finding the fun in all I do”. This continues to help me along the journey that I am taking. I love finding the fun in anything. The fun may be finding the pattern that I have seen. The fun may include designing a system to help other people to be able to achieve great results. The fun may be being able to understand something that you didn’t understand before.

The fun might be being able to laugh at a mistake you have made. Last month I tried to help my son write whipper snipper for an ad in the Messenger to see if someone might have a whipper snipper that they weren’t using and could donate to Drysdale Train Station. Today I found out from another Drysdale Train volunteer that I spelt the words incorrectly but a local has already answered the call and offered a whipper snipper – although I spelt it wiper sniper.

Another way that I have fun is through learning something new – I love learning new facts and love being able to use that knowledge especially if I can use that knowledge to help others. The reverse of this is – I find it difficult to be around negative people. In the past I would try to let negative words and ideas wash past me but it always had an effect.

Those who know me, know I’m not perfect. I am very human – I couldn’t even spell whipper snipper properly but I keep trying and that’s why my motto is written the way it is Finding the fun ….. it doesn’t say I can or I will.

I am enjoying my journey – I’m not sure what the destination will be but I am looking forward to finding fun along the way, meeting wonderful people, enjoying creative food, art, literature and ideas and learning how to master tasks that I am good at and finding people to help with tasks that I’m not good at and having the wisdom to know the difference.

Looking forward to meeting with you at SpringDale or somewhere else,

Anne Brackley
 for the SpringDale Team

PS Thank you for all your best wishes and congratulations

News from Lisa Neville MP – July

New Supercare Pharmacy Opening Soon in Bellarine

I am pleased to report that a new “Supercare Pharmacy” is about to open in Curlewis so people on the Bellarine can get the health care and advice they need from pharmacists and nurses late at night. Curlewis Pharmacy 4 Less, in Centennial Boulevard Curlewis, is one of seven pharmacies across Victoria that will open 24-hours-a-day, every day from 30 June, with a nurse on site from 6pm – 10pm daily.

Victoria’s first five 24-hour Supercare Pharmacies were open mid last year in various suburbs of Melbourne and have helped thousands of people in that time.

The development and opening of these new Supercare Pharmacies are a State Government election commitment to provide round-the clock access to pharmacists for advice, supply of medicines and dispensing prescriptions.

A nurse will be on site from 6pm to 10pm to provide face to face health advice and treatment for minor injuries or illness. The free nursing service also assists with wound management, physical assessment, flu and whooping cough immunisations, health screening, sexual advice and referrals to other services.

Supercare Pharmacies do not replace doctors, but give families another option and the peace of mind of knowing 24 hour care is on hand and closer to home.” It also gives people on the Bellarine an alternative to going into Geelong’s busy emergency department for minor injury or illness. This is a great initiative and I look forward to the Supercare Pharmacy’s 24 hour opening on June 30.

 Vic Roads Drysdale Bypass

It’s great to see that work is nearing finalisation on the $3 million upgrade of High Street Drysdale. The works are designed to make pedestrian, vehicle and bike traffic flow safer and more efficient through the town centre. Works have included surface widening to add a new bike lane, new crossings and refuge islands, a new 40km safe school zone and lighting upgrades.

I am also pleased to note that VicRoads have just completed another round of public consultations with regards to further planning for the bypass.

In addition, I was happy to convene a meeting with VicRoads and representatives of the Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association to discuss their views and ideas relating to the bypass, including the Grubb and Jetty Roads intersection.

VicRoads are committed to ensuring all local views and ideas are sought in their ongoing planning for the bypass.

Drysdale Sports Precinct

Major construction works are now underway to build the new sports precinct in Drysdale.

Lisa Neville on Monday June 5 announced that Porter Plant has been awarded the contract to develop the Drysdale sports precinct, creating a new home for the Soccer, Football and Cricket Clubs. The State Government is providing $3.5 million to deliver a premier football and cricket oval and multi-use fields that will cater for soccer and other sporting codes, as well as use for community events.

The works will also include new lighting, cricket nets, car parking and a relocatable pavilion that is planned to be replaced with a permanent facility in the future. The new oval and fields are on track to be ready in 2018.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter: @LisaNevilleMP

Ph: 5248-3462