Autism Project – Your Help Is Needed!

SpringDale is running a project on Autism and a great deal of help is needed. We need people who wish to understand autism in a greater way, we need people who are on the Autism Spectrum and who would like to participate in our project and we need Businesses who are willing to give people on the Autism Spectrum a go.

Our project is about looking at the skills that people on the Autism Spectrum bring with them to opportunities. At SpringDale, we have had many years of aligning people and their skills with opportunities. We listen to people and try to align new volunteers with activities in which they might be interested.

We have developed a Career Portfolio structure which we would like people to complete and assess for us. We would appreciate people on the Autism Spectrum who would like to know what we do and see if we are worthy of their trust as we have been for a number of people on the Spectrum already, and we would love to hear from you and work out a way we can interact or help your dreams come true. We also really need to hear from Business people who might have a task which is hard to get people to do happily, tasks that might need focus, may need determination and problem solving.

We are employing Asset Based Community Development which means we look at what people have not what they don’t have to go forward. Over the years, every time my son has faced another challenge, people have looked at what he cannot do and that becomes the baseline, not look at what he can do well. This project is very important to me but I know that if we can see patterns, inform the community and build better options for many parts of our community, we will all be better off.

Looking forward to hearing from many people as by knowing more about the Autism Spectrum will help us as a community. Thanks for reading this. Anne Brackley Autism Advocate.

[Messenger December 2017 p.11]

Please contact Anne Brackley via email or phone 0407 529205 if you would like to help with this project or if you would like to receive updates from this project.

PS: still hoping to hear from anyone who might like to be a Peer Mentor for a person with a disability who might like to view potential opportunities via a Virtual Reality headset.