Well Being

Springdale offers a range of learning courses designed to assist you in improving your overall well being to achieve a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.

Massage The Body

Massage therapy is centred on reducing muscle tension to an even tone for each area to ensure a balanced and holistic treatment of the body. The mind and the body are intrinsically linked, and when the body is healthy, your …

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Chi Gong

Chi Gong has been described as moving meditation. Learn simple energy (Qi) movements (Gong) which you can intergrate easily into daily life. A combination of slow stretches , gentle flowing movement ans static postures. Suitable for all levels and abilities. …

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Zooming into Mindfulness Meditation A pioneer, on-line, introductory four-week course covering the fundamentals of Mindfulness conducted by retired psychologist, Dr Max Simmons.For further information about this course. Contact Max on 0414833290 Date: Thursday, 16 July – 3 September [8 Sessions]Time: …

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