Child Care

SpringDale child care is an occasional child care facility.  We provide occasional care as distinct from full time care.  This allows you to leave your child in a trusted secure environment for either a 3 or 5 hour session.  This is just perfect for you to leave your child for a few hours while you go and “get things done”.

SpringDale child care facility is located in Drysdale.

The SpringDale occasional child care philosophy is to
Support the child
Engage the child
Encourage the child
Reinforce a positive attitude

This helps the child to learn and develop skills in relation to other children. This type of care over the long term will be beneficial to the child.
At SpringDale child care your child will have the opportunity to socialise and play with other children in a supervised environment with qualified staff.

What You Need to Know

More information to assist you in making your child’s experience a happy one.

An Invitation

We invite you to come in and say hello. Meet the team and see how we can help your child start a wonderful journey of lifelong learning. You can call our staff on 0401 129 140 to arrange a visit and chat with our child care staff.