Coordinator’s News – June

Thanks to everyone who responded to the last messenger. I was told that for each response there are 1000 other people who thought it but just didn’t quite get around to sending the feedback.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had time to take a breath, Projects we had been working on are finished and there seems to be a few minutes to stop and “smell the roses”.

When you think about the last 12 months and the changes at SpringDale – they have been huge but we’ve been able to maintain all the good things as well.

The new kitchen is fantastic and being used for so many different foods. We are about to introduce Indonesian cooking and Moroccan is coming back. During this slower period it has given us time to tidy up paperwork and even find time to rest a little ready for the next wave of activity. I continue to have the dream of a project in which the community is connected.

We’ve been chasing a grant to assist with this for a number of years and now it’s time to ask the community to help. We have set up a tax deductable charitable trust for this with a goal of $5000. The money will help us to create the frame work for this to be successful. It’s about neighbourhoods getting to know neighbours.

Why is this important? About 4 years ago on the Friday before the long weekend it was just on 5pm and we were all about to run out the door ready for the break, when the phone rang. It was a lady in Dubai she was ringing to ask for help. Her daughter and granddaughter were in Clifton Springs and both were ill and needed food (they’d run out) and support. They didn’t know their neighbours and so couldn’t ask them. They rang us to help and we did, but ever since then I’ve had this project in mind to help neighbours get to know each other.

The other part of the project is to help our local businesses to get other people through their doors for coffee or tea. The project involves invitations that people can put in their neighbour’s letter box inviting them to a get to meet you Morning/Afternoon tea at a local Café/Restaurant and perhaps one of the pair (or both) ringing SpringDale to celebrate the interaction and use of a voucher at the Café/Restaurant to gain a discount which is then subsidized by this project.

SpringDale would create a map of people who had interacted. We would have a map for each town on the Bellarine and as interactions occur a network would be drawn of first, second third fourth interactions of different colours and hopefully within a year we would have a wonderfully colourful interconnected web of meetings and good conversations and something like the catalyst for this project wouldn’t ever happen again because we would know our neighbours!

Yours sincerely

Anne Brackley

for the SpringDale Team