Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association – May

Members of the DCSCA committee participated in a meeting with VicRoads on 24th March chaired by Lisa Neville. VicRoads still intends to present its signalized option for the Jetty Road/Grubb Road Intersection in April but have agreed to assess DCSCA’s Roundabout Proposal.

VicRoads have since updated DCSCA with the following statement:- “VicRoads initial traffic modelling indicates that DCSCA’s proposal can theoretically accommodate the design traffic volumes, and further design work is being undertaken to confirm this is so.” Andrew Westcott Team Leader Projects VicRoads – South Western Projects

DCSCA believes that its proposal will be better in many ways.

  • It will be safer. Please note AusRoad’s Guide to Road Design Part 4B: Roundabouts” states – “A well-designed roundabout is the safest form of intersection control. Numerous ‘before and after’ type studies have shown that, in general, fewer motor vehicle crashes resulting in casualty crashes occur at roundabouts than at intersections containing traffic signals”.
  • The DCSCA proposal has approximately one third the number of vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points and should have approximately one third the number of injury crashes.
  • It will provide approximately 50% quicker travel times. DCSCA understands that for its signalized option, AusRoads predicts a Peak AM travel time in excess of 4 minutes for Jetty Road to the Geelong Road and a Peak PM travel time in excess of 3 minutes for Geelong Road to Jetty Road. DCSCA believes that, with its two-lane entry roundabouts with slip lanes option, these travel times will be at least 50% less and actually quicker than provided currently with the single lane entry roundabout.
  • It will have a lower environmental impact. Quicker travel times will mean vehicles will consume less fuel and the intersection will have lower carbon emissions.
  • It will not adversely impact on the ambience of Lake Lorne Reserve. There will not be a busy signalized intersection adjacent to the Reserve.
  • It will be safer for cyclists and pedestrians. It provides off road, shared paths and has less pedestrian-to-vehicle collision points.
  • It will provide safer ingress and egress for the Service Station. With VicRoads option, vehicles wishing to exit towards Geelong are required to execute a tight U turn, which will be difficult when towing a boat.

A map detailing DCSCA’s ideas is featured below

A map featuring Vic Road’s current plans is below

VicRoads actively seeks community feedback on these options and the bypass, via information stands (e.g. at shopping centres). You can have your say to VicRoads by emailing drysdaletransport@roads.vic.gov.au or by contacting the DCSCA at dryclift@bigpond.com or via DCSCA’s post box at SpringDale.