Five-String Banjo – Level Two


This is a course for banjo players who can play a steady forward roll and manage basic chord changes (G-C-D), but don’t yet have the skills and confidence to take part in a jam. We will be using the ‘Scruggs’ or three-finger picking style which is the basis of bluegrass banjo – and can be adapted to many other genres and styles of music. Learning in a supportive, small-group situation (2–5 students).

You May Achieve

Improving your skills, adding some neat techniques to your repertoire and playing some new chords. And of course, learning a few new tunes!

Your Instructor – Steve Williams

Skill Level – Level Two

When It Is Happening

Dates: Tuesday, 21 July – 8 Sep [8 Session]
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 PM
Fee: $200 Concession: $160 – 50 cent fee will apply if you book online
Note: Your own Banjo is required.

Other Payment Options

Due to the current circumstances involving the coronavirus we prefer payment online.
If you do not want to pay online we have other payment options.
1. You can call us on 5253 1960 and book and pay over the phone using your card.
NOTE: Invoices can be supplied for corporate claim purposes.

Steve Williams – Bio

Steve Williams is a keen amateur musician and member of the Porch Pickers acoustic band. He has been playing five-string banjo for five years.

Looking for a beginners course

If you are looking for a more beginners banjo course read more about our beginners banjo learning.

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