Introduction To Computers


You will learn how to use your laptop or desktop computer system more effectively. In this supportive environment created by our instructor, you will be exposed to how to use the mouse, how to set up folders and files, use email, and be exposed to a whole range of things that can be done with your computer.

You May Achieve

At the completion of this learning, you will be able to confidently use the mouse like a pro, know how to set up folders and files to make your computing experience more enjoyable.  You will be able to confidently access an email, rely to an email and send an email.  Plus you will have the ability to use your computer for a range of other uses.

Your Instructor – Brenda Richardson, Iteracy

Skill Level – Beginner

When It Is Happening

Dates: Tues, 21 Apr – 9 Jun [8 Sessions]
Time: 1:00 – 3:30 PM
Fee: $170 Concession: $80 – 50 cent fee will apply if you book online

Other Payment Options

If you do not want to pay online we have other payment options.
1. You can call us on 5253 1960 and book and pay over the phone using your card.
2. You can call into our offices at 17-21 High Street, Drysdale and book and pay on the spot using cash or card.
NOTE: Invoices can be supplied for corporate claim purposes.

Continue your learning.

enroll in the SpringDale computers – beyond the basics and expand and enhance your learning of computers. Read the full details.

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