Laughter – Yoga in a Chair

Online Learning

SpringDale is offering as many of the usual services on-line or at a distance as we can. Our Classes will be via zoom video conferencing app until we are able to deliver face to face again. I will work with you to help you achieve your goals and may be able to help connect you up if you need it. Please apply even if the class has started, we may be able to connect you in. Please book on-line if you can, email the office or phone 5253 1960. Anne Brackley Coordinator


A fun and graceful laughter session based on the teachings of Dr Madan Kataria, using chanting, clapping and breathing exercises. Designed for those who would rather be in a small group and a safe space, keeping it fun with a few gentle exercises and movement using imagination to laugh more. Explore the benefits of laughter for the mind and body. It helps to cope better with anxiety and release some tension.

You May Achieve

How to laugh for no reason. How laughter has a positive impact on mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. The use of laughter to create positive changes in your life. Make new friends and improve self-esteem and confidence.

Your Instructor – Agata Commisso

Skill Level – Beginner

When It Is Happening

Dates: Wednesday, 15 July – 16 September [9 sessions]
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM
Fee: $100 Concession: Free – 50 cent fee will apply if you book online

Just missed the start date for this course?
Contact us on 5253 1960. You may still be able to join in.

Agata Commisso – Bio

I am a Wellness and Laugh Coach. It is a pleasure for me to share what I have learned to help others make lifestyle changes to be a better person and to feel good. Since 2005 I have worked in community education teaching adults about cooking, budgeting, goal setting and motivation, Italian and Portuguese for travel and computers for seniors. As a Laughter Therapist I have been presenting to small groups in the work place and giving talks to community groups about the benefits of laughter.

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