Laughter – Yoga Pop Up


Stress less and laugh more. The laughter session will cover a little about posture, breathing, chanting and clapping. You will be exposed to creative laughter techniques, including play and visualisation. All these concepts are designed to help get rid of some problems, cope better with anxiety and release some tension.

You May Achieve

Learn to laugh for its health benefits. Perhaps reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. Help build you confidence and self-esteem.

Your Instructor – Agata Commisso

Skill Level – Beginner

When It Is Happening

Date: Every Saturday from 7 March to 27 June [17 sessions]
Time: 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Fee: Free. Bookings are essential

Booking in is essential. Book online or at the office.

Agata Commisso – Bio

I am a Wellness and Laugh Coach. It is a pleasure for me to share what I have learned to help others make lifestyle changes to be a better person and to feel good. Since 2005 I have worked in community education teaching adults about cooking, budgeting, goal setting and motivation, Italian and Portuguese for travel and computers for seniors. As a Laughter Therapist I have been presenting to small groups in the work place and giving talks to community groups about the benefits of laughter.

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