Massage – Shoulder


Massaging and how it helps with aches and soreness in the shoulder. If the shoulder is not working well, it can make everyday living difficult.
The shoulder is quite a complex part of the body. A lot of nerves run through the shoulder to the fingers and there are quite a number of muscles that are attached at the shoulder and go through the shoulder. There is also a part of the shoulder called the shoulder girdle.

You May Achieve

An understanding of how massage can help in relieving tight muscles which in turn can soften and lengthen tight muscles focused on the shoulder.

Your Instructor – Frank Prskalo

Skill Level – Beginner

When It Is Happening

Date: Sat, 27th June
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Fee: Free
Note: bookings are essential

Booking in is essential. Book online or at the office.
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