NDIS Families as Planning Partners

Online Learning

SpringDale is offering as many of the usual services on-line or at a distance as we can. Our Classes for term 4 will be a mixture of face to face and via zoom. I will work with you to help you achieve your goals and may be able to help connect you up if you need it. Please apply even if the class has started, we may be able to connect you in. Please book on-line if you can, email the office or phone 5253 1960. Anne Brackley Coordinator


A course designed for families and careers who want to understand and use the NDIS as an opportunity to build a “good life” for their family member.  Covering
understanding NDIS
getting your point across effectively
NDIS Planning
and whole of life planning. 
How to manage the plan support and funding.

You May Achieve

A better understanding of the NDIS and how best to help your family member.

Your Instructor – Donna Shaw, from VALID

When It Is Happening

This is an online course, please contact Maree at VALID: maree@valid.org.au

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