Tai Chi – Beijing 24 Form


Learn the Beijing 24-form, following Basic Tai Chi principles and exercises. Tai chi is an ancient practice of combining slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. Tai chi consists of exercises equally balanced between ying and yang, which is why it is so remarkably effective. Learn all this in a fun and supportive environment. Suitable for all levels.

You May Achieve

The health benefits from regular Tai Chi practice.  These can include better balance, increased blood circulation, a clearer mind and improved memory. Your ying and yang will be in balance.

Instructor – Kathy Lanthos

Skill Level – Beginner

When It Is Happening

Dates: TBA, 2022 [8 Sessions]
Time: TBA
Fee: $TBA Concession: $TBA – 50 cent fee will apply if you book online

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