SpringDale Artists Art Show

Monday 16th¬†Jan –¬†Thursday 26th Jan
10am – 4pm
Gold Coin Entry

SpringDale has enjoyed bringing Art Shows to our community for more than ten years, Our Art Shows allow aspirational artists to become semi-professional artists, turning a hobby into a lifestyle supporting profession. This is another way that SpringDale helps dreams to come true for so many people.

Why might someone come to an art show? You might be thinking that you have a blank space on a wall that you might like to fill with a piece of art from a local artist. You might like to invest some time in a cultural activity, to meet up with friends and exchange ideas and build community. You might like to increase your creativity and imagination by using techniques that Professor Terry Smith at the Warhol Museum encourages visitors to employ.

I paraphrase – being face to face with a work of art something starts to happen. Observe what’s in front of you, think about how it was made, think about when was it made, and then think about why they made this piece of art