The Cogitaire 5 Model – Thinking our way into the future

Current global research identifies the impact of new technologies on a range of occupations and the very nature of work itself, as many employers eliminate full-time jobs in favour of casual or contract jobs in the “gig economy”.

Unfortunately, the education/training system is not keeping pace with the rapid pace of change occurring in the labour market.

Whilst there are pockets of innovation occurring in the education/training sector, in the main, education systems still conform to a nineteenth century factory model. This has resulted in generations of adults who are losing the capability for critical and creative thinking, evident in the willingness of so many to believe anything they read on social media or the internet, if it reinforces their existing worldview. Dr. Jude Walker has developed the Cogitaire 5 Model, which consists of five “thinking” capabilities which she believes will prepare people for the varied types of work and personal decisions which they need to make in the modern, chaotic world. These capabilities include Futures Thinking, Systems Thinking, Complexity Thinking, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Design Thinking.

Jude’s presentation will discuss the tools and techniques which relate to each capability as well as the personal attributes which people can develop by learning these methods.

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Strategies for putting Square Pegs in Round Holes

Strategies for putting Square pegs in Round Holes is the name of our project for this year. The concept of this project is to draw on our many years of collective experience working with people on the autism spectrum to to solve Community non-acceptance of people on the Autism Spectrum by gaining more knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the positive skills that people on the autism spectrum have, will help to enable people on the Autism Spectrum to gain acceptance and employment opportunities. Our community will be stronger with all people being accepted.

We will use Asset Based Community Development techniques which we employ consistently across the organisation. SpringDale has become a safe haven for people on the spectrum. This project will give us the opportunity to analyse their collective strengths and collective opportunities. We will encourage strategic partnerships with other program providers and initiatives that improve participation and attainment for the priority cohort groups.

Issues to be addressed are the ability for people on the autism spectrum to be well prepared for, be able to gain and keep employment. This was highlighted in the City of Greater Geelong project “I could get a job if …”, where a high priority for responders on the Bellarine Peninsula was for greater awareness and understanding of people on the Autism Spectrum. We will also use learning from studying issues faced by people on the austism spectrum to understand if the learnings are transferable for unemployed and underemployed people.

We are looking for people who would like to help us with this project. We are especially looking for people on the Autism Spectrum who would like to look at the project and if comfortable, help us by participating in the project over the next 12 months.

Please contact Anne Brackley on email or phone 0407 529 205 – I’d love to hear from you.

[Messenger July 2017 p.8]