Coordinator’s News – July

It is so important to enjoy what you are doing. Having the right mindset to enable you to enjoy your time, your tasks and the people around you is so important to finding satisfaction and being able to enjoy your life.

Have you ever been so absorbed by an activity that time just flies by and you achieve what you set out to do? Luckily this happens to me all the time. But it doesn’t happen by accident. I make a decision to enjoy what I am doing. I try to find the part of the job I am about to start that is going to allow me to look back on it and know it is done and hopefully it is done to the best of my ability.

Over the years I have written about my motto, “Finding the fun in all I do”. This continues to help me along the journey that I am taking. I love finding the fun in anything. The fun may be finding the pattern that I have seen. The fun may include designing a system to help other people to be able to achieve great results. The fun may be being able to understand something that you didn’t understand before.

The fun might be being able to laugh at a mistake you have made. Last month I tried to help my son write whipper snipper for an ad in the Messenger to see if someone might have a whipper snipper that they weren’t using and could donate to Drysdale Train Station. Today I found out from another Drysdale Train volunteer that I spelt the words incorrectly but a local has already answered the call and offered a whipper snipper – although I spelt it wiper sniper.

Another way that I have fun is through learning something new – I love learning new facts and love being able to use that knowledge especially if I can use that knowledge to help others. The reverse of this is – I find it difficult to be around negative people. In the past I would try to let negative words and ideas wash past me but it always had an effect.

Those who know me, know I’m not perfect. I am very human – I couldn’t even spell whipper snipper properly but I keep trying and that’s why my motto is written the way it is Finding the fun ….. it doesn’t say I can or I will.

I am enjoying my journey – I’m not sure what the destination will be but I am looking forward to finding fun along the way, meeting wonderful people, enjoying creative food, art, literature and ideas and learning how to master tasks that I am good at and finding people to help with tasks that I’m not good at and having the wisdom to know the difference.

Looking forward to meeting with you at SpringDale or somewhere else,

Anne Brackley
 for the SpringDale Team

PS Thank you for all your best wishes and congratulations

News from Lisa Neville MP – July

New Supercare Pharmacy Opening Soon in Bellarine

I am pleased to report that a new “Supercare Pharmacy” is about to open in Curlewis so people on the Bellarine can get the health care and advice they need from pharmacists and nurses late at night. Curlewis Pharmacy 4 Less, in Centennial Boulevard Curlewis, is one of seven pharmacies across Victoria that will open 24-hours-a-day, every day from 30 June, with a nurse on site from 6pm – 10pm daily.

Victoria’s first five 24-hour Supercare Pharmacies were open mid last year in various suburbs of Melbourne and have helped thousands of people in that time.

The development and opening of these new Supercare Pharmacies are a State Government election commitment to provide round-the clock access to pharmacists for advice, supply of medicines and dispensing prescriptions.

A nurse will be on site from 6pm to 10pm to provide face to face health advice and treatment for minor injuries or illness. The free nursing service also assists with wound management, physical assessment, flu and whooping cough immunisations, health screening, sexual advice and referrals to other services.

Supercare Pharmacies do not replace doctors, but give families another option and the peace of mind of knowing 24 hour care is on hand and closer to home.” It also gives people on the Bellarine an alternative to going into Geelong’s busy emergency department for minor injury or illness. This is a great initiative and I look forward to the Supercare Pharmacy’s 24 hour opening on June 30.

 Vic Roads Drysdale Bypass

It’s great to see that work is nearing finalisation on the $3 million upgrade of High Street Drysdale. The works are designed to make pedestrian, vehicle and bike traffic flow safer and more efficient through the town centre. Works have included surface widening to add a new bike lane, new crossings and refuge islands, a new 40km safe school zone and lighting upgrades.

I am also pleased to note that VicRoads have just completed another round of public consultations with regards to further planning for the bypass.

In addition, I was happy to convene a meeting with VicRoads and representatives of the Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association to discuss their views and ideas relating to the bypass, including the Grubb and Jetty Roads intersection.

VicRoads are committed to ensuring all local views and ideas are sought in their ongoing planning for the bypass.

Drysdale Sports Precinct

Major construction works are now underway to build the new sports precinct in Drysdale.

Lisa Neville on Monday June 5 announced that Porter Plant has been awarded the contract to develop the Drysdale sports precinct, creating a new home for the Soccer, Football and Cricket Clubs. The State Government is providing $3.5 million to deliver a premier football and cricket oval and multi-use fields that will cater for soccer and other sporting codes, as well as use for community events.

The works will also include new lighting, cricket nets, car parking and a relocatable pavilion that is planned to be replaced with a permanent facility in the future. The new oval and fields are on track to be ready in 2018.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter: @LisaNevilleMP

Ph: 5248-3462

Coordinator’s News – June

Thanks to everyone who responded to the last messenger. I was told that for each response there are 1000 other people who thought it but just didn’t quite get around to sending the feedback.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had time to take a breath, Projects we had been working on are finished and there seems to be a few minutes to stop and “smell the roses”.

When you think about the last 12 months and the changes at SpringDale – they have been huge but we’ve been able to maintain all the good things as well.

The new kitchen is fantastic and being used for so many different foods. We are about to introduce Indonesian cooking and Moroccan is coming back. During this slower period it has given us time to tidy up paperwork and even find time to rest a little ready for the next wave of activity. I continue to have the dream of a project in which the community is connected.

We’ve been chasing a grant to assist with this for a number of years and now it’s time to ask the community to help. We have set up a tax deductable charitable trust for this with a goal of $5000. The money will help us to create the frame work for this to be successful. It’s about neighbourhoods getting to know neighbours.

Why is this important? About 4 years ago on the Friday before the long weekend it was just on 5pm and we were all about to run out the door ready for the break, when the phone rang. It was a lady in Dubai she was ringing to ask for help. Her daughter and granddaughter were in Clifton Springs and both were ill and needed food (they’d run out) and support. They didn’t know their neighbours and so couldn’t ask them. They rang us to help and we did, but ever since then I’ve had this project in mind to help neighbours get to know each other.

The other part of the project is to help our local businesses to get other people through their doors for coffee or tea. The project involves invitations that people can put in their neighbour’s letter box inviting them to a get to meet you Morning/Afternoon tea at a local Café/Restaurant and perhaps one of the pair (or both) ringing SpringDale to celebrate the interaction and use of a voucher at the Café/Restaurant to gain a discount which is then subsidized by this project.

SpringDale would create a map of people who had interacted. We would have a map for each town on the Bellarine and as interactions occur a network would be drawn of first, second third fourth interactions of different colours and hopefully within a year we would have a wonderfully colourful interconnected web of meetings and good conversations and something like the catalyst for this project wouldn’t ever happen again because we would know our neighbours!

Yours sincerely

Anne Brackley

for the SpringDale Team

Letters to the Editor – June

Bogus Telstra Phone Calls

  • “I recently had two phone calls from a gentleman claiming to be from the Telstra Technical Department telling me I had a problem with my internet connection and it would be disconnected for 90 days. I phoned Telstra who informed me that the technical department will never phone a customer and the only time they will suspend an account is if the account is in arrears.”
    Pam – Drysdale

    “Dear Anne, What an inspirational piece, Coordinator’s News is in this month’s SpringDale Messenger. Fantastic and it should be compulsory reading for secondary school students contemplating their futures. Seriously! Well done and thank you.”
    Jenny Gibbs – Portarlington

“Good Morning,
Just a brief message to let you know that the Merry Widow event was very successful, with an almost full house. I am sure the fact that you publicised the event very nicely in the May edition of The Messenger contributed to yesterday’s success. On behalf of the Uniting Church, thank you for the publicity.”
Barry Ruler – Uniting Church

If you would like to write a letter to the SpringDale editor to have your voice heard in the community, please send your articles to


News from Lisa Neville MP – June

New Ambulance Services for the Bellarine and Geelong

I was recently pleased to be joined by the Minster for Health Jill Hennessy in announcing a new ambulance for the Bellarine Peninsula. The ambulance will be based initially at Bellarine and then Swan Bay when a new station is completed there in 2018. It will have seven extra full time paramedics assigned to it.

In addition, Geelong is also receiving a new 24 hour ambulance, staffed by 14 extra full time paramedics. These services are part of 450 additional paramedics and 13 new ambulances being introduced by the State Government across Victoria. These new services are most welcomed as they will mean accident and medical emergencies on the Bellarine and Geelong will be responded to even quicker than in the past.

State Budget 2017/18 Delivers for the Bellarine

On the 2nd of May the State Treasurer Tim Pallas handed down this year’s State Budget which I am pleased to note included a number of significant investments which will benefit people and communities across the Bellarine. These include:

  • Upgrade to the Bellarine Bus Network to continue the service to Portarlington
  • $3.22m for Leopold Primary School
  • $211,000 for Queenscliff Primary School
  • $1.5m for an upgrade to the Point Lonsdale Life Saving Club
  • Extra police for the region
  • $210 million for upgrade to the Geelong and Warrnambool rail line
  • $50 million to double the First Home Owner Grant to $20,000 for new homes in regional areas, which will help many locals to buy their first home.
  • A payroll tax cut of 25% for all businesses operating substantially in regional Victoria benefitting around 4,000 businesses

State Government Funding for Celtic Festival

In April I was pleased to announce that the Celtic Festival for 2017 has received State Government funding of $35,000 through the Regional Events Fund. I congratulate Festival Director Una McAlinden and her team in securing this funding and for the tireless work in making the festival the ongoing success it is.

The festival is now regarded as Australia’s premier Celtic festival and attracts around 15,000 people to the region. For local businesses this is a welcome boost at what is usually a quieter time of the year for visitors.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter: @LisaNevilleMP

Ph: 5248-3462

Coordinator’s News – May

Dear friends and those yet to be friends,

Themes are becoming part of the Messenger structure, last month it was service and this month it is education, June will be about heritage, July will be about finding fun in what you do and August will be about Science. If you have an idea you would like to share under any of these upcoming themes – please submit it to I think a theme helps to take ideas and push them in various directions. Who knows what will happen next?

My life has had a number of different learning chapters – most of which I have written for myself some seem to have been started for me but I have finished them once I realised where I was heading. Learnings have been gained along the way and I have loved the feelings those learnings have stirred inside me making me ready for the next adventure.

When I was about 8 years old my Brownie Leader Mrs Bigmore sat with me and patiently helped me to do something I thought was impossible – tie a sheet bend knot for a Brownie challenge. Although the meeting only went for 1 1/2 hours, she seemed to sit with me for hours until I had success. She taught me patience and perseverance for success. I still use the rhyme she taught me to tie the knot and I share this with guides when I teach them. I have shared that skill with thousands of guides locally, nationally and all over the world.

When I was 17 Mrs Fawcett, the local Guide Commissioner asked me to reopen Drysdale Guides, I was overwhelmed and I was nervous, especially when the parents visited. I felt their eyes and ears on my every move and my every word – but they thanked us for the role we played in their girls’ lives. I realised I had the self-confidence to take risks and this was brought out by the confidence Mrs Fawcett saw in me and taught me to have faith in myself. I continue to be a Guide Leader with Drysdale Guides and this month I will complete 41 years as a leader in this voluntary role.

In my twenties I was a programmer for State Bank and believed I would be more effective as a trainer and asked to be transferred. Within a few weeks my role changed and my life became far more fulfilling. I learned to be true to my dreams and live with integrity. Once I had this role I celebrated having the best job in the State Bank and eventually in the Commonwealth Bank.

I’m so lucky to have had so many different learning experiences – during work on a child health project in Bangladesh, learning from my parents, learning on the job, learning as a volunteer – I don’t think there has been a day when I haven’t learned something – I love learning.

I love it when someone comes into SpringDale and I can draw on my experience to answer the question immediately but I love it even more when asked a question whose answer I don’t yet know but I say “Lets learn this together” and invest some time to find out the answer.

SpringDale has so many learning opportunities on offer – learning as a child or family through our Occasional Care Service, learning as a writer or advertiser in the Messenger, Directory or our Welcome Kit, learning as a student in our class or as the trainer for a class, learning as a member of one of our Groups or starting a new group as a leader/ facilitator, learning as a volunteer in the office or around SpringDale. We are all learning, the world is changing so quickly we have to keep our learning spirit pushing us along.

I love learning and I love finding fun in all I do.

Yours sincerely

Anne Brackley

for the SpringDale Team

News from Lisa Neville MP – May

State Government Sporting Grants Open

I am pleased to advise that a number of State Government Sporting Grants available to clubs have just opened.

The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund (CISF) contributes to the provision of high quality community sport facilities. Applications for this major fund can only be made through the City of Greater Geelong and thus clubs must be working with the council on their project.

Under the CISF significant grants are made available for major and minor facilities within a community.

  • The Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs grant provides clubs with an opportunity to acquire an automated defibrillator. This grant opened on the 24th of March and closes on the 3rd of May 2017.
  • The Country Football and Netball Program provides funding to assist football and netball clubs to develop facilities up to $100,000 and again application is through Council. This grant opens on the 15th of May and closes on 26th of July 2017
  • The Sporting Club Grants Program provides grants of up to $1000 to purchase uniforms and other essential equipment. In addition $2000 grants are available to improve skills of club coaches and administration staff and up to $5000 to allow clubs to strategically plan for the future or increase community participation. This grant opens on the 19th of June and closes the 19th of July.

Bellarine bSafe Website

In previous editions of the Springdale Messenger I have highlighted the important work of the Bellarine Community Safety Group (BCSG).

The BCSG is made up of community representatives from across the Bellarine and local police. I am very pleased to co-chair the group with Assistant Commissioner for Police Tess Walsh. Drysdale and Clifton Springs is represented by Rick Paradise of the Community Association and Anne Brackley of the SpringDale Neighbourhood House.

One initiative taken by the BCSG is the establishment of the Bellarine bsafe Website which Anne is now managing and I thank her for that important work. The site allows residents to access information on a range of community safety topics including personal, road and beach safety, as well as crime prevention tips. It also features live news feeds from a range of emergency services including Victoria Police and provides residents with a one-stop shop for all community safety advice. This website is a great resource for residents and visitors to get important, up-to-date information on safety within their community.

I encourage all residents to bookmark the new website so they can quickly and easily access the latest information about their area.

To access the bSafe website go to or click on the logo below

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter: @LisaNevilleMP

Ph: 5248-3462

Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association – May

Members of the DCSCA committee participated in a meeting with VicRoads on 24th March chaired by Lisa Neville. VicRoads still intends to present its signalized option for the Jetty Road/Grubb Road Intersection in April but have agreed to assess DCSCA’s Roundabout Proposal.

VicRoads have since updated DCSCA with the following statement:- “VicRoads initial traffic modelling indicates that DCSCA’s proposal can theoretically accommodate the design traffic volumes, and further design work is being undertaken to confirm this is so.” Andrew Westcott Team Leader Projects VicRoads – South Western Projects

DCSCA believes that its proposal will be better in many ways.

  • It will be safer. Please note AusRoad’s Guide to Road Design Part 4B: Roundabouts” states – “A well-designed roundabout is the safest form of intersection control. Numerous ‘before and after’ type studies have shown that, in general, fewer motor vehicle crashes resulting in casualty crashes occur at roundabouts than at intersections containing traffic signals”.
  • The DCSCA proposal has approximately one third the number of vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points and should have approximately one third the number of injury crashes.
  • It will provide approximately 50% quicker travel times. DCSCA understands that for its signalized option, AusRoads predicts a Peak AM travel time in excess of 4 minutes for Jetty Road to the Geelong Road and a Peak PM travel time in excess of 3 minutes for Geelong Road to Jetty Road. DCSCA believes that, with its two-lane entry roundabouts with slip lanes option, these travel times will be at least 50% less and actually quicker than provided currently with the single lane entry roundabout.
  • It will have a lower environmental impact. Quicker travel times will mean vehicles will consume less fuel and the intersection will have lower carbon emissions.
  • It will not adversely impact on the ambience of Lake Lorne Reserve. There will not be a busy signalized intersection adjacent to the Reserve.
  • It will be safer for cyclists and pedestrians. It provides off road, shared paths and has less pedestrian-to-vehicle collision points.
  • It will provide safer ingress and egress for the Service Station. With VicRoads option, vehicles wishing to exit towards Geelong are required to execute a tight U turn, which will be difficult when towing a boat.

A map detailing DCSCA’s ideas is featured below

A map featuring Vic Road’s current plans is below

VicRoads actively seeks community feedback on these options and the bypass, via information stands (e.g. at shopping centres). You can have your say to VicRoads by emailing or by contacting the DCSCA at or via DCSCA’s post box at SpringDale.

Coordinator’s News – April

This edition has a theme of service. ANZAC Day inspired us to think about all the forms of service that we participate in. All through our lives we are given opportunities to serve others. In the home, in the neighbourhood, in the community, in the region, in our state, in our country and in the world. Often it is the little things we do that have multiple roll on effects.

Those of you that know me well, know I love to watch a good movie and gain inspiration from situations portrayed. One of my favourites is Pay it Forward, the story of a very young boy who comes up with a practical theory of making the world a better place. His idea is to do 3 generous things to change the lives of 3 people and they need to pay it forward to 3 other people and so the concept continues. It doesn’t take long before thousands of people are helping each other.

I’ve had a couple of ideas around this before, that haven’t quite become a reality yet, I’d love to hear from people who might help get this started on the Bellarine.

When you think about the amount of service that is given on the Bellarine it is overwhelming – at playgroups, at kinders, at school, at sporting clubs, at Guides and Scouts, for the environment, for civic engagement, for health and welfare, through the food banks, through service clubs, our seniors clubs, through the RSLs and so many more. Every club and group has governance committees and each of them provide a vision, direction and energy to meet the need of our community.

I found inspiration in this quote – Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali

Thank you sincerely to everyone who provides service on the Bellarine. Special thanks to our staff and volunteers who regularly go out of their way to support our community. Once again I ask people to pass this Messenger on to someone you think might appreciate its content and hopefully uplifting articles.

Please consider supporting the advertisers who support us and please consider submitting information for the Messenger.

Yours sincerely

Anne Brackley

for the SpringDale Team

News from Lisa Neville MP – April

Launch of “Help Yourself” Campaign

On Friday 10th of March I was pleased to launch a new campaign to drive down thefts of and from vehicles across Geelong including the Bellarine Peninsula.

The “Help Yourself” campaign will raise awareness about how drivers can help prevent thefts and protect their property from being stolen.

The City of Greater Geelong and the Bellarine Community Safety Group have collaborated to develop the campaign, with funding of $16,000 from the Victorian Government.

There has been a significant increase in theft of and from cars on the Bellarine Peninsula recently. Fifty one per cent of these are from unlocked cars.
The Help Yourself campaign will encourage drivers to take simple steps including ensuring valuables are out of sight, cars are parked in well-lit and secure areas and vehicles locked.

As part of the campaign, Victoria Police is also partnering with local Men’s Sheds and other community groups to hold Safe Plate days throughout 2017, fitting number plates to vehicles using one-way screws, free of charge.
Posters, advertising and signs with crime prevention tips will be rolled out across the region on community noticeboards, shop windows and Neighbourhood Watch material, as well as online. This will continue to build on the Bellarine Community Safety Group’s work, including the recently launched bSafe website, which delivers crime prevention advice and tips to the Bellarine community.

New Jetty at Clifton Springs

I was recently pleased to open the new jetty at Clifton Springs that was built with a $250,000 contribution from the State Government.

Previously there had been 2 wooden piers at the Clifton Springs boat ramp that were in a state of dis-repair and starting to fall down.
Over a number of years I had been made aware of the poor state of the old piers by local anglers and have been pleased to deliver what was a 2014 election commitment.

The ‘all abilities’ jetty is 2.9 metres wide and features a larger fishing area at the end to cater for more anglers. The jetty is a modular design so can then be extended into the future as need arises.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter: @LisaNevilleMP

Ph: 5248-3462