Jenni Nickelson is the winner of the Adrian E Mannix OAM community service award for 2019.
Jenni has lived in Drysdale area for her whole life and has given thousands of hours to our community. <<Read More>>

SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre

where ideas grow and people flourish

SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre is a community based and a not for profit organisation located in Drysdale.     SpringDale provides a community focus and meets local needs and aspirations for 
* Lifestyle
* Education
* Recreation
* Health
* Social Contact and 
* Participation

SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre builds on the opportunities by 
** Involving the community and encouraging participation and inclusion.  Valuing diversity and difference at all levels of SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre and the community. 
** Determining appropriate community programs, activities and services in a friendly environment that is accessible to all.
** Delivering quality programs, activities and services as outlined in detail throughout this website.

@ SpringDale

Look to the right of this web page and you will notice a feedback button. Feel free to use it and send us your feedback. 
Getting feedback from the community is vital to the future of SpringDale.