The SpringDale messenger is a locally produced publication detailing what is happening at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre and the surrounding area. The messenger is delivered to some 15,000 households and selected business within the catchment area. The messenger is delivered FREE.

Special Articles for the Visually Impaired

We have added a new section to allow visually impaired friends to listen to a range of articles and topics from current issues of the messenger. New articles are added regularly.
If you have friends that are visually impaired and are interested in reading some of the messenger magazine, direct them to our dedicated page.

The messenger is delivered to households and businesses in the following areas:

Clifton Springs
Indented Heads
St. Leonards

The Messenger is also delivered to selected businesses and shops in the following areas:

Ocean Grove
Point Lonsdale

The Best Kept Secret on the Bellarine

Reach 15,000 households and businesses in the one magazine.
The SpringDale Messenger

Coordinator’s News

Greetings to my friends I have already met, and those I am still yet to meet.

Not sure you’ll enjoy reading about this but I feel I need to write it for this month.

It has taken me a while to realise that I love building systems. Working out the steps needed to get a job completed and how we will be able to do this again and again, be it daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

I have to find meaning in all the tasks I do and all the tasks I ask people to help with. One of the first systems I developed at SpringDale was around the way our classes are named and recorded. This system has been tweaked a couple of times over the last 18 years to help put more intelligence into the class code.

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Latest Issue

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I am Excited – Anne Brackley

For the last three years I have wanted to create a historical website listing all previous messengers. Finally in 2020 we were able to combine our new creative talent, with “can do attitude” volunteers to create such a website.
I am proud and very excited to direct you to visit this new website.

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