The SpringDale messenger is a locally produced publication detailing what is happening at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre and the surrounding area. The messenger is delivered to some 17,000 households and selected business within the catchment area. The messenger is delivered FREE.

The messenger is delivered to households and businesses in the following areas:

Clifton Springs
Indented Heads
St. Leonards

The Messenger is also delivered to selected businesses and shops in the following areas:

Ocean Grove
Point Lonsdale

The Best Kept Secret on the Bellarine

Reach 15,000 households and businesses in the one magazine.
The SpringDale Messenger

Coordinator’s News

Dear friends of SpringDale and friends I have yet to meet,

A very special thing happened this month, a young mother and her 4 year old daughter, River, volunteered to deliver the SpringDale Messenger, making River our youngest deliverer (that I know of) so far. They were excited to be helping the community and I was excited to have more deliverers.

It is now 2 years since we started delivering Messengers and in that time, we have delivered more than a quarter of a million SpringDale Messengers – amazing. I thought people might deliver one edition and then move on to something else, and some did. But we have a strong team of approximately 100 people who help happily every month.

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Latest Issue

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Historical Editions of the Messenger

Visit our website dedicated to recording all the editions of the messenger from inception in 1991 up to the present day.

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