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At SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre we sometimes set a frenetic pace with things that are happening here.  We want to keep our website visitors well informed as to what is happening currently and in the near future @ SpringDale.  That is why we created this section.  Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Response
we have updated our response details
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The Latest SpringDale you tube video.

This is the first in a range of explainer videos we intend to release as part of our marketing strategy for 2021.

Learning Courses to grow your skills

Updated Public Notices

We have added a new section to keep our members and friends updated with community events and how they are being modifed in the current climate. <<Read More>>

For Our Visually Impaired Friends

We have added a new section to allow visually impaired friends to listen to a range of articles and topics. Check back regularly for new articles.

Welcome Kit

Update, new design and more information.

Be an Instructor @ SpringDale

If you want to be an instructor in a subject that you have knowledge and experience in, fill out the Instructor Course Outline. <<Read More>>

We are always looking for new and innovative courses to offer our community.

Plastic Bottle Caps

If you could assist someone get an artificial limb, you would be happy to help, right?

Well now you can.  All you have to do is recycle your plastic bottle caps. At SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre we have a special container to collect bottle tops. This non-recyclable waste product has the ability to be turned into recycled hands, arms and mobility aids.

Save your bottle caps and drop them off in the container at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre and help someone else improve their life.  They might not be able to thank you personally, but you will know you helped them.

Looking for a Volunteer

A team player with a can do attitude.
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