Above and Beyond

@ Above and Beyond

A corner stone of our philosophy is to help our community to complete tasks that they may need assistance with, especially online or computer based issues. That is we go above and beyond to help our community. Over the last 12 months we have assisted our community with 1254 issues most of which require online processing or computer use.

The top ten tasks we have assisted our community with are:

Application for power saving bonus $250 rebate.

Assisted people with Centrelink letters re federal power relief

Direct people to location of pre poll and polling booths

Embedded network bill relief applications

Applying or renewing working with children checks

Book medical appointments or assist with online admission forms

Print tickets from online email ticketing

Passport renewals online

Assisted eligible people to apply for concessions for gas and electricity

MyGov account setup online

Over the last 12 months we have assisted in 1254 issues helping our community.
Total hours involved exceed 811 work hours.

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