News from Lisa Neville MP – November

Geelong set to host Toast to the Coast

I was recently pleased to announce that Geelong’s premier wine tour, Toast to the Coast, will again happen in November. The Toast to the Coast showcases the best local wines, including of course from the Bellarine, along with local produce and entertainers.

Supported by the Government’s Regional Events Fund, Toast to the Coast celebrates the vast differences in Geelong’s three wine sub-regions and allows the public access to wineries that may not regularly open.

The two day event offers exclusive winery tours, new wine releases, rare back vintage tastings, luncheons, dinners and functions, gourmet food sales, live music and children’s activities.

Importantly the event attracts many new visitors to the region who, having discovered the Bellarine, I am sure will return on a regular basis. Of course I would also encourage locals to also to get out to enjoy the event and all the peninsula and our region has to offer.

Toast to the Coast works to raise the profile of the region and promote the Geelong Wine brand both locally and nationally.

Toast to the Coast will run from 4 to 5 November 2017. For more information visit coast/.

Change of our Sporting Seasons

With the footy and netball season now well behind us I take this opportunity to commend the Drysdale Football and Netball Club for another great season.

Although senior sides may not have featured in grand finals, the success of any club in my opinion is based on fielding competitive sides, providing a game of sport, especially to the juniors, and importantly bringing a local community together.

And it is why as local member I have been pleased to have worked hard with all clubs involved in establishing the new Drysdale Sports Precinct where in the near future many local sporting clubs and their members will participate on first class facilities.

My congratulations and thanks go to all those club members who have volunteered their time and effort over the winter in contributing to the operation of their club.

Of course with winter now behind us, the summer sporting season is underway and all those who participate will have dusted off their gear and equipment and are now focusing on the months ahead. I wish all our summer sports participants good luck for the coming season.

It is very true that it is taking part that really counts, not whether you win, lose or draw. If you would like more information please go to the website or contact my office.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call my office if there are any matters that I may be able to assist you with directly.

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Member for Bellarine
Twitter@Lisanevillemp Ph: 5250 1987

Coordinator’s News – October

Dear friends and friends that I am yet to meet, As I sit to write this so many emotions wash over me. It has been an interesting month to reflect on and my life seems to be about to get a little more busy at least for a little while.

I remember as a young girl wandering through my Guide handbook and planning challenges every night so that I was always learning and doing new things that contributed to having a wide range of skills and being ready to do many things. I have continued this strategy but these days it usually involves coming up with new projects to help the whole community. These projects are based on ideas from the community that I have been told about or happen to hear in passing.

Challenges also pop up as opportunities and I am forever on the lookout for new opportunities as I never know where they may lead. Who could have imagined that an afternoon speaker at an Adult Community Further Education meeting in Colac many years ago, would lead to lifelong goal of chasing innovation and community entrepreneurship? Jason Clark inspired me with his words and with his experiences that he shared with his audience. A few years ago when I rang him and invited him to speak at SpringDale and he agreed, I was overwhelmed. When he came to SpringDale he enlightened the many people who attended that breakfast.

Over the last month we have had a number of challenges. Our long term supporter of SpringDale, Debra Winter died bravely and courageously. Debra came through our door to gain experience as a student on placement during a Community Service certificate but we learned more from Deb than I believe she learned from us. During my husband’s accident, 3 years ago, Deb was incredibly supportive of the Centre, my family and me. She has left us with a stronger centre and we would love to share some of her favourite recipes with you. We are selling her recipe book for $3 and the money is going to support the SpringDale Messenger, to help to connect our community with each other. Thanks to Deb’s family for sharing her with us and continuing to share her skills with us via her recipe book.

Many may know that SpringDale was the Evacuation Centre during a recent emergency in Drysdale. We thank City of Greater Geelong for using our Centre for this purpose and thank everyone who helped to reduce the risks during the event and during the debriefing afterwards. Thank you everyone who helped our community during this time of need. SpringDale will always try to meet community needs as they arise.

If you haven’t been through our doors, I continue to invite you to come and be introduced to SpringDale and our services. Once through the door don’t be surprised if you find something that might interest you into the future.

Anne Brackley
Coordinator SpringDale Neighbourhood
Centre for the SpringDale team