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April 2021

Life is moving so quickly – so many new ideas are percolating and hopefully will gain full flavour and support from those interested in our community.

We have many listed on this page and many more to be listed in the Term 2 Course Guide available from SpringDale and on our website. Sri Lankan Cooking, Beginners French, Handywoman’s classes to name a few. Our first bicycle maintenance class went very well and will probably morph into Confidence through bicycle maintenance.

Almost everything we do helps to build confidence and we are realising how important that is and very worthy of celebration.

In between SpringDale activities I’m finding time to play cards with dad almost every night.

A pack of cards can serve so many purposes. I remember playing cards with my grandparents when I was quite small. We would play cards at the Bowling Club during winter (I attended during school holidays) – I think it was progressive euchre. I don’t think people liked playing with my pop as he was always playing for sheep stations – he would regularly drawhimself up to his 6ft 2in height and slam the card down on the table and say “Take That!”

Dad was hospitalized in January this year and I took in some cards, when visiting, and we played patience together. These days I am playing cards with dad most nights. Neither dad nor I are good at small talk and so playing cards is a good way to spend time together – we are very present in the moment and we are loving sharing the time together.

The game of cards seems to have so many parallels to the game of life. I recall sitting with one card left, trying to get the best card so I could go out. Dad kept picking up more cards and eventually he won and I still had one card left.

I have adapted my game over the last few weeks and now go with the cards that are played not the cards I desire. Sometimes I get a really good hand at the start and sometimes what I thought was a good hand doesn’t end up that way. Sometimes I want to keep all the cards in my hand and find it really tricky to let anything go.

A quote about cards came across my desk the other day – “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” – Randy Pausch author of “The Last Lecture”. I am also reminded of the song A Soldier’s Deck of Cards by T Texas Tyler a song that I loved to listen to at my grand parents’ home many years ago.

Cards have been a big part of my life and I’m sure this simple game will continue to be part of it into the future.

Yours truly,
Anne Brackley for Team SpringDale

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