Coordinator’s News

September 2019

Over the last month I have presented about SpringDale 4 times to very different groups. Each time, I try to think of the group that I am about to face and try to shape the presentation to suit the group.

To one group, I spoke of the Business Services that SpringDale provides, which includes advertising opportunities through our publications, partner-shipping in many ways, access to a business network group, photocopying, printing, rooms for hire, audio visual equipment, tables and chairs and opportunities to do streaming linkups to name a few.

To another group I presented our Sustainability Services that SpringDale provides which includes Bokashi Food Scrap recycling, Ensopet Starter for pet waste, recycling bedding and clothing for the homeless in conjunction with Lions, recycling batteries with Rotary, recycling toys for the Toy Libraries or Kinship Carers, recycling craft materials through our craft groups, recycling people’s skills through volunteering, participating in groups, running classes and events.

To another group the focus was on Making Dreams come true through our classes, our groups, our offsite opportunities. Even this week I have been asked about a establishing a weekend sketching group – we never know what the next suggestion will be and where it will come from.

To the last group, a family group, I was able to show all the different science based activities that were happening on a Saturday morning. I showed the energy that our new solar panels are generating via a website monitoring the output. We looked at a Moon landing active display, the cheese making class and our felting group. We also talked about the Harvest Basket Vegetable swap that had just finished. We also did a quick tour of all the other activities that happen in all the other spaces and perhaps we’ll pick up a new mah-jong player?

Each time I speak or tour people through SpringDale, their eyes open wider and wider. We are fortunate to have so many people who provide so many activities for our community to enjoy. We are grateful that Doctors are still prescribing a Dose of SpringDale to help a number of conditions.