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April 2024

Dear Friends and Friends I am still yet to meet,

My 2024 is proving to be fast paced and I’m hoping to stay in front of the wave of energy that keeps pouring into SpringDale. Many of our classes and groups are being well attended. New ideas are always being suggested with Egyptology being the latest idea for a new course by a local Egyptologist – so excited! More details to follow as I receive them.

As people are taking up new memberships with SpringDale, I hear them saying that they will now receive regular emails. This hasn’t been our procedure. We encourage people to subscribe to our webmail but the more I hear the same words, the more I realise that we should change our procedure to meet expectations. We will survey current members and offer to sign people up for webmail. Subscription to webmail is open to all and each new subscription warms my heart.

Our new groups are going well – Walks for Carers happens on 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings 10.30 – 11.30am, meet at SpringDale at 10.20 ready to walk at 10.30am it’s free – lots of information being shared. Our other group is Inclusive Games group meets at SpringDale on 3rd Friday night in the month – bring snacks and drinks and enjoy some time together cost $10 – please book in for this with our office.

like to share information I discover, during the month I have found out that if you make a change or claim a benefit with Centrelink, it is probably a good idea to check on its progress after a couple of weeks as if you need to fulfill any tasks to assist your claim, you only have 30 days to complete the task or it disappears. Also please look at your bank statements to ensure the correct amounts are being deposited.

Another pattern that is emerging is the growing membership of grandparents and great grandparents in our toy libraries. Especially when families are coming to visit or for a particular event, to be able to borrow a few strategic toys could and do help. We have a toy library in Drysdale and another in Portarlington. Our toys can be seen via our website and Portarlington Toy Library is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Drysdale is a click and collect service.

Many people have spoken to me about the North Bellarine Aquatic Centre only being open from 1 Nov to 31 March. I have suggested that they ask City of Greater Geelong to reconsider that decision as people are relying on the pool for physical, social and mental support. As part of the advocacy committee for the Aquatic Centre we did advocate for the Centre to be open year round. People seem to have been surprised that the pool is heated – I love people telling me how much they love the pool. I look forward to stage two of the North Bellarine Aquatic Centre commencing.

We have met many people this year, who have seen our SpringDale Messenger, for the first time and so I am wondering if there might be a few more people who might like to deliver Messengers for us. We have approximately 100 volunteers, but every now and then I do need extra help and wondering if you might like to help. Please let me know if you have a few minutes a month to help us. So we can distribute our magazine a bit further.

Looking forward to sharing more words, ideas, hopes, dreams and successes with you next month and looking forward to seeing you at SpringDale or on the Bellarine soon.

Yours sincerely,
Anne Brackley OAM
Chief Enthusiasm Officer & Coordinator
SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

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