Coordinator’s News

June 2020

I’m sorry I’m finding this hard to write because I feel very guilty – I am grateful for this opportunity to slow down. I have enjoyed getting to meet and have interesting conversations with so many people who partake of SpringDale activities regularly, but I am usually running around trying to keep the administrative and strategic wheels of SpringDale turning. During this time – connecting with people is strategic and has shown us how we can operate in a different way.

Being able to sit and eat dinner and enjoy the taste has been enjoyable and I’ve even had time to dream about flavours I’d like to try again. I’ve loved eating out of the pantry and the freezer and working out how to embellish something that has been waiting for us to use it up. I’ve even roasted chickpeas, a can of chickpeas had been awaiting use for a while. Some I’ve put very spicy seasoning on, that was even a bit hot for me.

I love the way people are genuinely saying Stay Safe at the end of conversations and there is real feeling behind those words. I love the way people are asking how people are before they start talking about something else. I love the amount of care that is being shown.

Recently I realized that I hadn’t been out of Drysdale for almost 6 weeks. I’m guessing the lights at the High Street, Grubb Road, Portarlington Road, and Drysdale Bypass are working fully.

Our Herbs to Help plants continue to give me joy. The thousands of seedlings have been planted up in baskets and into small box gardens ready for replanting into extra baskets if we get them. We are also replanting some in the raised garden beds outside SpringDale so we can plant them in baskets later in the year.

Most of my time has been devoted to getting people onto to Zoom for classes or catch ups and helping people gain the confidence to use this technology. We currently have about 120 people in a variety of classes and groups meeting weekly via Zoom. It is so rewarding to see and hear how confident people are becoming. I continue to learn more about Zoom every day. So happy that this is working so well. We tried to run classes in a unified way – in the class room and on line, a number of years ago but we weren’t quite ready then. So happy to say we are now and I hope we can continue to provide services using Zoom or an alternative into the future to help people who are ill or are isolated at home as carers or for whatever reason but still want to stay connected. We now can do this.

Let’s look forward to how we can take the next steps together keeping safe but taking some calculated risks. All life is a risk and we have always taken risks, lets continue to take risks together but let’s also be kind and considerate, thoughtful and considered and let’s be connected again.

Lots of love to all and thanks for continuing to allow me to have the best vocation in the world.

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