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September 2021

The last few months I have had the opportunity to reflect on the lives of my parents, who have influenced my life so much. They were both involved with many organisations on the Bellarine. Luckily mum kept so much information – a treasure trove for one of our current projects, the Community Development Timeline.

We have found information about the Bush Nursing service which morphed into Drysdale Community Health and then became Bellarine Community Health, the Drysdale Bowling and Croquet Club, Peninsula Netball Association, Bellarine Rural Shire and many celebrations and openings. We’ll be busy for years scanning and uploading.

I credit my living with purpose to them. I have to know why I am doing something, how it will help my family, my community, my country or my world. I love being able to help – no matter how big or how small. People who come to SpringDale, know how much I love guiding people around SpringDale for the first time. I am so lucky to have the best job in the world.

Today, instead of some of the more administrative parts of my role – I get to help our ukulele classes run, by managing the Zoom camera in classroom, while our tutor Zooms in because of waiting for a family member’s COVID test results. How lucky am I – so much fun. I never know what each different day will bring, especially during COVID times.

During the week I spoke at the Clifton Springs Garden club highlighting the benefits of the Bokashi food scrap recycling system and the Ensopet, pet waste recycling. Yesterday I ran a class on Volunteering, tonight our Drysdale Guides will be meeting at SpringDale – so many different opportunities to help. So excited.

Thanks for all your good words about the SpringDale Messenger – last week we welcomed a gentleman into SpringDale to assist him with a request. His name is Ron Blaskett and he is the son of ventriloquist Ron Blaskett. Ron has donated a couple of books for us to give away through the Messenger, which he loves. If you are interested in winning one of these books, please phone in your details and a reason why you would like to win the book.

Thanks again for all your support. Our book shelves have been restocked and we have some very special books for very low prices, thanks to everyone who have donated them for recycling in our community. We have many videos, CDs and some books on offer for $1 each.

We will be having a huge garage sale on Saturday 11 / Sunday 12 September – Tupperware, retro items, and so much more – thanks to people who have donated so generously to enable us to give you this opportunity. Thanks to all who will help to make this event a reality – please let me know if you would like to help.

Yours sincerely,
Anne Brackley OAM, and Chief Enthusiasm Officer for team SpringDale

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