A number of groups dedicated to games that expand and keep your mind busy.


Warhammer is a tabletop war game where two or more participants battle each other with armies of miniatures on tables with detailed terrain.Note: Currently looking for people aged 13 and above that want to play. Contact: SpringDale on 5253 1960Meeting …

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Card Games

Come along and enjoy a friendly game of cards. We play both Bolivia and Canasta. Bolivia: Bolivia, a variant of Canasta, allows melds consisting entirely of wild cards. A meld of 7 wild cards (twos and/or jokers) is called a …

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Similar to the Western card game rummy, mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance. It is a tile-based game that was developed in China during the Qing dynasty and has spread throughout …

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Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter to create words onto a game board. Come along be happy playing and enjoy the camaraderie of likeminded people. …

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