Warhammer is a tabletop war game where two or more participants battle each other with armies of miniatures on tables with detailed terrain.Note: Currently looking for people aged 13 and above that want to play. Contact: Mark on 0425 889 …

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Sci Fi

A group to focus on bringing Science and Science Fiction to life. This group started with a single person, John Reid who has been a Lost in Space fan for years, its through his dedication that a group has been …

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Women Living Well

A group to focus on what ‘Living Well’ means to you, as women. We continuing to progress discussing on what we can achieve together, and how we can help and support each other. For more information contact Dianne Bennett, phone: …

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The life and times of Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb A group that meets to talk about the life and times of Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb over an afternnon tea. The Women Anne Drysdale was born in Scotland in …

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