This is a listing of other groups that do not fit into any of the categories above

Sci Fi

What We Do A group to focus on bringing Science and Science Fiction to life. This group started with a single person, John Reid who has been a Lost in Space fan for years, its through his dedication that a […]

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Toy Library

Drysdale Toy LibraryPortarlington Toy Library The toy libraries are membership based.  Families can borrow up to 4 toys per membership. We have a wide range of toys to choose from.  They are a great place for parents, grandparents and carers

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Social Enterprise

Opportunities arise at SpringDale all the time and when Queenscliff Music Festival came asking if we would make 2 km of bunting we said yes.We made 2 km of colourful bunting that was very well received. We consulted with sewing

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